New PDF release: Yaws' Handbook of Antoine Coefficients for Vapor Pressure

By Yaws, Carl L; Narasimhan, Prasad, K.; Gabbula, Chaitanya

ISBN-10: 159124868X

ISBN-13: 9781591248682

ISBN-10: 3446402691

ISBN-13: 9783446402690

The content material of this database provides a compilation of effects for vapor strain utilizing the Antoine equation, and includes an extensible, searchable desk with Antoine coefficients of over 9,995 compounds. the knowledge is either experimentally made up our minds and predicted according to equipment constructed by way of the writer and different famous specialists. The desk is interactive (live) and comprises stay equations for simple calculation and plotting of the houses. The Equation Plotter Applet can shop numerous hours of complex calculations.
Updated with 4995 new files, divided into tables of natural (9455 files) and inorganic compounds (540 files) for a complete of 9995 compounds.
• entrance subject
• Antoine Equation and Coefficients for natural Compounds desk  (9455) • Antoine Equation and Coefficients for Inorganic Compounds desk  (540) • Vapor strain of natural Compounds
• Vapor strain of Inorganic Compounds
• Appendix A - Conversion desk
• Appendix B - Compound record via CAS Registry quantity - natural Compounds
• Appendix C - Compound record by way of CAS Registry quantity - Inorganic Compounds
• Appendix D - Compound record by way of identify - natural Compounds
• Appendix E - Compound checklist via identify - Inorganic Compounds

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