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As in his past books (Holy Blood, Holy Grail; The Jesus Papers), Baigent attempts to discover the darkish forceshiding within the shadows of faith and ferret out fundamentalists whose dogmatism frequently turns to violence. targeting the top instances, he warns that robust fundamentalist sects in Christianity, Judaism and Islam are operating to lead to the conflict of Armageddon, whilst the forces of darkness can be destroyed by way of the Messiah, who will then lead to a brand new reign. All 3 teams wish Jerusalem, the place every one lays declare to a actual spot, the Dome of the Rock, as a sacred position in its heritage; all 3 need a kingdom during which politics are subservient to faith. Baigent makes a similar mistake that the fundamentalists make while examining the publication of Revelation. it isn't a booklet of prophecy and guide for scary sinners again into the fold; it's apocalyptic literature that makes use of symbols as mystery codes for the situation within the lives of first- and second-century Christians, supplying them wish for escaping from their plights. unfortunately, Baigent's well-intentioned exposé seems to be little greater than a screed opposed to fundamentalism that's in response to a misreading of his imperative textual content. (Sept. )
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Bestselling writer Michael Baigent Exposes spiritual Extremists’ Efforts to Hasten the World’s lead to Jerusalem

Do you suspect in prophecy? The Bible as literal fact? Armageddon? The Rapture? The go back of the Da’jaal? Or the construction of a global caliphate as a harbinger of the tip of time? extra very important, if awarded with compelling facts, may you suspect that there are at the present time robust forces actively conspiring to lead to those cataclysmic occasions inside our lifetime?

In his provocative ebook Racing towards Armageddon, Michael Baigent, bestselling writer and the most debatable spiritual theorists of our time, turns his willing cognizance to modern day Jerusalem and its more and more very important position in international affairs, exploring another of his explosive theories: that hard-liners in the 3 nice Abrahamic religions, a lot of whom carry positions of huge impression in govt, undefined, and the army all over the world, are operating to hasten our finish as prophesied in every one in their texts and traditions of religion. Exposing those forces, the myths upon which a lot of their ideals are established, the stealth motion they've been taking for many years, and the insidious and very likely devastating impact they're having upon the tutorial, political, cultural, and religious textile of our society, Baigent poses the urgent query: will we rather have the funds for to stay oblivious for much longer?

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Philosophy of faith has skilled a renaissance lately, paralleling the resurgence in public debate in regards to the position and price of faith in modern Western societies. The Routledge instruction manual of latest Philosophy of faith is an exceptional reference resource to the most important themes, difficulties and debates during this fascinating topic.

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Faith hat die Entstehung und Entwicklung familienpolitischer Maßnahmen in Westeuropa nachhaltig beeinflusst. Die Kirchen, ihre Verbände und die christdemokratischen Parteien stellen dabei wichtige Akteure dar. Die Studie zeichnet nach, in welchem Umfang diese Organisationen die Familienpolitik gestaltet haben.

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Dieses Buch gibt Einblick in die Komplexität heutiger jüdischer Zugehörigkeiten. Die Autorin fächert dafür zunächst die religionsgesetzlichen, historischen sowie sozial- und kulturwissenschaftlichen Grundlagen auf. Im Mittelpunkt stehen sodann Auszüge aus Gesprächen mit in der deutschsprachigen Schweiz lebenden Personen, die aus "gemischten" Beziehungen stammen oder in solchen leben und ihr Jüdischsein an die nächste iteration weitergeben wollen.

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Punjab region A 2: 423 Punjabi language PS 88 Pure Land Buddhism A 1: 95 B 2: 312 Pure Land Sutra A 1: 100 ‘‘The Pure One’’ B 1: 195 Purgatory A 1: 144 Purification rituals of Shinto A 2: 404 Puritanism A 1: 134 Purnaprajna. ’’ See Kojiki text Record of Rites (Confucius) A 1: 163 PS 136 Record of Rites ceremony A 1: 166 Records of the Grand Historian (Sima Qian) PS 126 Recreation, in Mesopotamia A 1: 60 Rectification of Names principle A 1: 161 Red Cloud B 1: 53 Red Sea, parting of B 2: 288 Reform Baha´ ´ı faith A 1: 77 Reform Judaism B 2: 280, 394, 395 beliefs of A 2: 352 Reformation A 1: 25, 129 See also Protestantism Reformed Christianity.

See Confucianism Kong Fuzi (K ung Fu-tzu). See Confucius Kong Qiu. See Confucianism Kongo tribes A 2: 281 Kongzi (K ung-tzu). See Confucius Koran. , Martin Luther A 2: 264 B 2: 360–61 Kirpan A 2: 432 B 2: 159 Kirtan function A 2: 433 Kitab al- ibar (Universal History) (Ibn Khaldu¯n) B 1: 163, 166, 167–68 Kitab-i-Aqdas (Book of Laws) A 1: 79 B 1: 41, 55–56 PS 177 Kitab-i-Iqan (The Book of Certitude) A 1: 71, 79 B 1: 45 PS 177  Karbala, battle at A 2: 298 Karma B 2: 252–53 PS 88, 119, 138 Jain concept of A 2: 332 nature of A 2: 332 types of A 2: 263, 332 See also Reincarnation Karma yoga A 2: 250 Kasha (kachh) A 2: 431 Kashrut A 2: 365 Katha function A 2: 433 Kathina, festival of A 1: 108 Kaur, taking name of B 2: 354 Kesh A 2: 431 B 1: 158 Keshadharis sect A 2: 426 Keturah (wife of Abraham) B 1: 7 Ketuvin (Writings) A 2: 354 PS 5 Khadijah B 1: 195–202; 2: 301 business activities B 1: 196–97, 198 early life B 1: 195–96 family life B 1: 199–200 self-exile B 1: 201 Khalsa A 2: 427 31 KOREAN CONFUCIANISM  32 La Boi Press B 1: 163 Labor/hard work, emphasis on A 2: 460 Laches (Plato) B 2: 315 Lakota culture, preserving PS 34 Lakota people, religion of B 1: 56 Lakshmi (goddess) A 2: 244, 259, 260, 262 Lamashtu (demon) A 1: 60 Lamb symbol A 1: 138 Lan Caihe (god) A 1: 190 Landvaettir (spirits) A 2: 378 Langar function A 2: 433 Lao Laizi.

See Protestantism Reformed Confucianism A 1: 160 Reformed Druids of North America A 2: 382 Reformers, of Protestantism A 1: 133 Regeneration myths A 1: 48 Regla de Ocha. See Santerı´a Rehit Maryada A 2: 431  Ramakrishna (Shri) B 2: 385–86 Ramakrishna Math order B 2: 389 Ramakrishna Mission B 2: 389 PS 118 Ramanuja A 2: 244 B 2: 327–36 early life B 2: 327–28 writings of B 2: 331–32 See also Madhva; Yamunacharya Ramayana A 2: 265 composition of A 2: 242 Rambam, The. ), 164–65 Rencho. ) Sabbat (Sabbath) A 2: 359 Sabbats A 2: 388–89 Sabr B 1: 13 Sacrament of Reconciliation A 1: 146 Sacraments Eastern Orthodox Church A 1: 138–39 Roman Catholic Church A 1: 138–39 See also rituals Sacred Ecology movement PS 97 Sacred Marriage ritual A 1: 57 48 Sakat (charily) A 2: 306 Sake, ritual use of A 2: 410 Saktis Hinduism A 2: 241, 245 Sakyamuni Buddha.

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