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In summary, the assumption of a direct parallelism between dual economic sectors and dual labor markets appears to be an abstraction unsupported by either sound theoretical argument or valid empirical evidence. Basically, the dual model has failed to retain economic sectors and labor markets as distinct concepts. Instead, labor markets have been reduced to a reflection of economic sectors. Although economic sectors may be an important determinant of labor markets, the two components of the dual model demand distinct conceptualization.

The provision of stable employment opportunities in the monopoly sector produces an enduring differentiation of conditions between workers in this sector and those in the unstable and exploited competitive sector. Worker Outcomes The third element in the dual approach consists of three sets of outcomes for labor. First, there is the extent or likelihood of mobility between sectors. Second, 26 2. Theories off Economic Segmentation there are the conditions of labor in terms of various tangible and intangible rewards.

Theories off Economic Segmentation 3. Clear and specific arguments are needed to specify the mechanisms through which industrial structure is translated into outcomes for workers. In the next chapter we shall outline a "resource perspective" on industrial structure and workplace outcomes that will serve as the theoretical basis for our empirical study. This perspective will retain insights from the dual approach, while avoiding its overly restrictive assumptions of parallel structure and duality, and will attempt to integrate insights that the dual model has overlooked.

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