Work Out Chemistry ‘A’ Level by D. A. Burgess (auth.) PDF

By D. A. Burgess (auth.)

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Within the nucleus all nucleons attract each other with powerful, short-range forces. Surrounding the nucleus is a somewhat diffuse charge cloud comprising electrons only. The effective mass of the nuclide resides in the nucleus. 1. ) A-Z Identifies an isotope of an element equal toZ Governs chemical behaviour Isotopes of an element have the same Z values but different values of A. Isotopes of some elements are radioactive; the emitted radiation may be of several kinds. 3. 3 Types of Radiation There are three important kinds, only one of which is genuine radiation : alpha (~) - nuclei of helium atoms, ~He2+, they quickly acquire two electrons and form ordinary helium gas.

This will occur at a temperature below the BP of either liquid and prevents the aniline from undergoing decomposition if heated to its normal BP. This is the principle of steam distillation. 26 kPa sum= atmos. press. 27 Since the vapours behave independently (the liquids do not mix), we may use the ideal gas law (pV= nRT) for each. 3 g of X in 100 g of benzene. Both solutions A and B had the same vapour pressure (1 00 570 Pa) at the boiling points of the pure solvents at atmospheric pressure (1 01 300 Pa).

Temperature B, C, D, are triple points for stable phases. A is a triple point for metastable (with respect to {3) a:, liquid and vapour. If a-sulphur is heated slowly at atmospheric pressure it will change to {3-sulphur at the transition temperature corresponding to T. The {3-sulphur will melt at a temperature corresponding to M 1 (115°C). However, if a-sulphur is heated rapidly at atmospheric pressure it will not change to the {3 form but will melt at a temperature corresponding to M2. The diagram illustrates the phenomenon of allotropy: the existence of a substance in different structural forms but the same physical state.

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