Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers Exploiting Thermal Noise by Federico Bruccoleri PDF

By Federico Bruccoleri

ISBN-10: 1402031874

ISBN-13: 9781402031878

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ISBN-13: 9781402031885

Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) are familiar to enlarge signs which are too vulnerable for direct processing for instance in radio or cable receivers. frequently, low noise amplifiers are carried out through tuned amplifiers, exploiting inductors and capacitors in resonating LC-circuits. this may render very low noise yet merely in a comparatively slender frequency band just about resonance. there's a transparent development to exploit extra bandwidth for communique, either through cables (e.g. cable television, net) and instant hyperlinks (e.g. satellite tv for pc hyperlinks and extremely Wideband Band). for that reason wideband low-noise amplifier thoughts are greatly needed.

Wideband Low Noise Amplifiers Exploiting Thermal Noise Cancellation explores recommendations to gain wideband amplifiers, able to impedance matching and nonetheless attaining a low noise determine good lower than 3dB. this is often completed with a brand new noise cancelling method as defined during this e-book. through the use of this method, the thermal noise of the enter transistor of the LNA will be cancelled whereas the sought after sign is amplified! The booklet supplies an in depth research of this system and offers a number of new amplifier circuits.

This booklet is without delay suitable for IC designers and researchers engaged on built-in transceivers. even if the focal point is on CMOS circuits, the concepts can simply besides be utilized to different IC applied sciences, e.g. bipolar and GaAs, or even in discrete part technologies.

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From another point of view, the larger ZOUT of A4 must be increased in order for both amplifiers A1 and A4 to provide equal gain AVF for ZIN=1/gb=RS. These results in a lower bandwidth for A4, provided A1 and A4 have the same output capacitance. The reverse gain AVR of A1 is -1/AVF for ZIN=RS, while AVR of A4 is 1/(2-AVF). x A3 vs. A2. Both amplifiers provide well-defined input impedance ZIN=1/ga. Amplifier A3 is characterized by two signal paths connected in feed-forward to the output node: a path via the common gate stage Ma-Mb and the other via the source follower Mb.

X Large VGS,a-VT0 is not necessarily needed to achieve good intercept points, IIP2 and IIP3. For AVF=2, Ma and Mb have equal size, bias current and similar drain source voltage. In this condition, the intercept points can be high because the non-linear V-I conversion performed by Ma is cascaded to a near-inverse non-linear I-V conversion of Mb. For gain values larger than 6dB, the previous non-linearity compensation holds to a lesser extent and the IIPs are expected to decrease. 35Pm CMOS process.

1801-1812, August 1962. J. ,”Accurate thermal noise modelling for deep-submicron CMOS”, International Electron Device Meeting IEDM, Digest of Technical papers, 1999. M. Klumperink, “Transconductance based CMOS Circuits: Generation, Classification and Analysis”, PhD. Thesis, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands, 1997. [4] B. , “Impact of distributed gate resistance on the performance of MOS devices”, IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems—I, vol. 41, pp. 750-754, Nov. 1994. [5] F. M. Klumperink and B.

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