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And beyond these concerns is the disturbing impression that the UN has been converted into a virtual tool of US foreign policy, thus compromising its future credibility, regardless of how the Gulf crisis turns out. There is, above all, the unrestricted authorisation to use force now that Iraq has failed to withdraw. UN Resolution 678 is not limited as to duration, restricted in terms of destructive means relied upon, and is not even undertaken with accountability to and guidance from the appropriate organs of the United Nations.

Now communism is no longer the enemy. The enemy is the Third World's desire for national independence, which requires maintaining a state of siege and preventing the states of the Third World from uniting their economic and geographical resources. Finally, I must stress that the so-called new world order is nothing but the offspring of a new United States imperialism that disposes of the largest military arsenal in the world but has no comparable economic or political force. Rather than trying to deal with its economic problems - the deterioration of the United States economy owing to competition in world markets with Japan and Germany - the military establishment decided to rely on military force to gain control of natural resources, and in particular the oil resources of the Arab Gulf.

If Saddam launches a pre-emptive strike, that will make things messier, but will have little bearing on the final outcome. The other thing would be capitulation, but the capitulation probably would have to be total, most likely including disarmament and the installation of a ne;, moderate leadership in Iraq. This, and not some mushy compromise, is certainly the appropriate goal. The task, however, would not end with Saddam Hussein. The allied forces will be in a position to take steps to ensure that there are no further crises of this type.

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