New PDF release: Varieties of Questions in English Conversation

By Elizabeth G. Weber

ISBN-10: 902722613X

ISBN-13: 9789027226136

This ebook examines family which carry among morphosyntactic shape and communicative functionality in discourse via interpreting form-function correlations of noninterrogative questions in traditional English dialog. So-called nontypical declarative and nonclausal questions are pointed out functionally. The function morphosyntax performs within the construction and interpretation of those kinds as doing wondering is then thought of. audio system are proven to exploit particular styles of morphosyntactic marking to allow recipients to interpret noninterrogatives as sensible questions. causes for morphosyntactic styles present in the information are acknowledged when it comes to discourse use.

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Oh:. I will Alternative Hearings When the transcriber was in doubt as to the hearing, brackets indicate alternative hearings of a single speaker's utterance: M She's [ oh no. hell no. [(hell no) 44 VARIETIES OF QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH CONVERSATION Possible Hearings An utterance or portion of an utterance placed within parentheses indicates a possible hearing of the utterance. This notation recognizes the transcriber's uncertainty as to what was actually said: S M She [wasn't invited to the wedding?

This field is coded as to the presence (+) or absence (-) of repeating elements. Neither record 1 nor record 2 exhibits any repetition. First-Pair Part This field reproduces the functional question from the transcript. The question in record 1 is What is she majoring in. The question in record 2 is Is thatWhere is that. Inserted Material This field marks any pause and/or verbal and nonverbal interactional material between the first-pair part and the second-pair part. Inbreaths are not included unless a pause separates the inbreath from the second-pair part.

The present study differs from some other studies because it does not impose a preconceived set of functions on the data. Functions which emerge from an examination of the data involve both the organization of information and the management of social relationships. The examination of any form takes into account as many of the preceding sequences as the analysis can justify. In other words, I 28 VARIETIES OF QUESTIONS IN ENGLISH CONVERSATION have no preconceived notions as to how much of the preceding talk may be relevant for the analysis of any particular form.

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