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1563) I believe that bhavati in these verses should be pronounced in the Prakritic manner as bhoti with just two syllables. When so pronounced, the meter becomes a perfect Pathyâ. 80 This may point to the fact that such hypermetric verses were actually common proverbs, where Prakritic influence is more likely, cited by Manu, and not his own composition. Other metrical irregularities are encountered occasionally. 163 we have pada-c ending in lake bhavati with a wrong cadence This irregularity appears to have prompted several scribes to correct it with the reading sä bhavel lake and all editors to adopt this reading.

55. 7. 3 two verses are cited with the introduction atha puräne slokäv udäharanti ("Now, they quote a couple of verses in a Puräna" ) indicating that such verses may have been found in the genre Purâna , although this probably does not refer to any extant Puräna . 56 This strategy is used with increasing frequency by Vasistha, the author of the latest Dharmasutra; chapters 25-7, for example, are completely in verse. It appears that during the last few centuries prior to the common era slokas had assumed an aura of authority, and proverbial wisdom was transmitted as memorable verses.

That would hardly do. Neither can you go to god X and say "You are in the third rank below Y and Z. " Even in the Catholic faith, where theological orthodoxy takes center stage, devotees of the Virgin or St. Jude do not give theologically accurate descriptions of the powers of their favorite saint; hyperbole is the norm. The vedic poets were no exception. This form of rhetoric was recognized as an alankara, a poetic ornament, in Sanskrit aesthetics under the name atisayokti, hyperbole. In hyperbole, the literal is the enemy of the true.

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