Through the Sands of Time: A History of the Jewish Community - download pdf or read online

By Judah M. Cohen

ISBN-10: 1584653418

ISBN-13: 9781584653417

In 1796 the Jews of St Thomas based the 1st Jewish congregation at the island. through 1803 new arrivals from throughout elevated the unique quantity from a handful to 22 households. this can be a old portrait of this strange and tenacious team of Jews.

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10 This striking similarity may have been promoted particularly through the actions of two of the St. Thomas wardens—de Casseres and Naar—who appear to have signed the Curaçao bylaws in 1786. 1 Comparison of Haskamoth St. Thomas, 1803 §1: §2: §3: §4: §5: §6: §7: §8: §9: §10: §11: §12: §13: §14: §15: §16: §17: §18: §19: §20: §21: §22: §23: Exclusivity of synagogue Composition and election of Mahamad Forbidding certain relations on Mahamad Mortgages Forbidding conversation during services Gabay remains a warden after his term Warden age limit set at 60 Election of Bridegrooms of the Law Election of Parnasim and Gabay Fines must be paid after the holiday Frequency of forced Board service Reader and Sexton must heed Mahamad Seat assignments Exclusive slaughterer Fines for disturbing religious services Births must be approved by Mahamad Marriages ditto The choice of “Misvoths” When and how many “Misvoths” 1⁄ % poor tax on all Jewish business 4 Forbidding interreligious dialogue Synagogue asserts power of taxation Changes to constitution resolved by majority vote and signed immediately §24: Request to government for same civil rights as the Jewish community in Copenhagen Curaçao, 1756/1786 Section 1, §1 Section 1, §2 Section 1, §11 Section 1, §17 Not included Not included Section 1, §7 (age limit 70) Section 2, §1 Section 1, §5 (in much greater detail) Section 2, §4 Section 2, §5 Section 3, §1 Section 4, §1 Section 3, §3 Section 4, §2 Not included Not included Section 4, §7 & 8 Section 4, §9 & 10 Section 5, §4 & 5 Section 5, §6 Section 5, §14 Section 7, §2 Not included less of who may have been responsible for introducing Curaçao’s code into St.

Abd-Allah (who ruled 1757–1790). His business sense and experience in trade showed him to be an able leader and good administrator, and he was granted the position of courtier to the sultan. According to family story, Levy-Yuly’s luck changed drastically when he discovered the sultan’s son, Moulay Yazid, plotting a coup against his father. Immediately Levy-Yuly jailed the son, and produced proof of the charges. The sultan, however, dealt lightly with Yazid, and soon released him. When Muhammad b.

The island’s free people of color, enamored of the values of equality and fraternity espoused by the French revolutionaries, began to identify with the cause and incited 12 | through the sands of time rebellions against the European planter/merchant classes in the early 1790s. White colonists split along class lines on how to temper the issue, and in the end provided little organized resistance. To compound the situation, the French government sent down a military force with the noble intent of emancipating the island’s slaves.

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