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By W. B. Frankland

The profession of the weather of Euclid has been of a unprecedented and certainly distinct personality. for 2 thousand years or extra it has served for text-book to numerous scholars, and to-day it's a paintings with which all peoples are roughly normal, when the identify of its author is a loved ones note in the course of the civilized global. And but so missing in interest are we of this state, even if i don't recognize that different humans have proven themselves even more in- quisitive within the topic, that there doesn't exist, as far as i'm conscious, any small e-book of this type to inform us what within the tale of Euclid is of curiosity or significance for busy women and men to grasp. Even in class books, I enterprise to indicate, there's a fairly unaccountable loss of that old and philo- sophical info which it's the objective of this little quantity in some extent to speak, and so in scripting this short cartoon of Euclidian lore i've got had in brain more youthful in addition to older humans. i'm hoping that nobody will disapprove of those efforts at the floor little wisdom is a deadly factor ; for, while i've got fears that in issues of element this out of date aphorism may possibly practice in simple terms too aptly to myself, it is going to be a truly prepared sadness to me if, in its vast outlines, this panoramic tale offers to the reader any basically mistaken impact of the earlier and current of Euclidian geometry.

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