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By Olafur Arnalds

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In this new quantity on the planet Soil sequence, many of the different types of Icelandic soils, their various features, their formation, degradation and erosion are reviewed. while, the ebook additionally bargains with the agriculture and land use in most cases to offer a whole view of Icelandic soils. the 1st half information the normal parameters equivalent to the weather and the geography of Iceland. It additionally explains Icelandic geology, that is the most important parameter controlling the soil formation during this state. the writer describes the formation of Iceland, the most volcanic platforms, principal volcanoes, tephra creation and its effect at the soils. reasons on rocks, glaciers, rivers and different major geologic gains also are given. The ebook keeps with an outline of the Icelandic geomorphology, giving insights at the major floor kinds, frost, cryoturbation and different cryogenic positive aspects. Then it information the different sorts of soils, their formation and major beneficial properties, evaluating the Icelandic soils to different soils in different places on the planet. Erosion and land degradation are then reviewed, together with the particularly energetic wind erosion and mud construction. eventually, it provides an perception on land use, agriculture and plants forms. All this observed by way of the main striking pictures to demonstrate the nice range of Icelandic Soil.

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Photo © Bergrun Anna Oladottir type, size, and shape” (see Larsen and Eiriksson 2008a). Tephra refers to materials that are primarily unconsolidated. The term volcanic ash is often used quite loosely about all tephra materials, but refers strictly speaking to tephra materials (or pyroclasts) that are less than 2 mm in diameter (Macdonald 1972; see also De Paepe and Stoops 2007; Arnalds 2013). “Pyroclasts” and “pyroclastic rocks” are also common terms, pyroclasts being a broader term than tephra, including both consolidated and unconsolidated materials (Schmid 1981; Manville et al.

9 Table mountain (stapi). 7 Older Rocks—The Tertiary With the Eurasian part of Iceland being thrust eastwards and the American plate pushed westwards, new rock materials are being produced within the active volcanic zone. Therefore rocks are gradually older moving away from the center of the island. The oldest rocks in Iceland are found in the far western and eastern parts of the country, dating several million years, but the oldest rocks are less than 20 million years old (Hardarson et al. 2008).

There is a notable difference between the spring fed and the surface runoff rivers in that the spring-fed rivers have quite stable water flow over the year. The surface runoff rivers can have extremely fluctuating flow, often low in winter and during dry spells, but typically >10 times the average flow during spring floods and sudden thaw events in winter (Fig. 21). Here, the soil cover on the watershed has a dominant influence on the stability of the water flow. As the main water discharge in glacially fed rivers occurs during summers, when the glaciers melt and return much of the yearly snow accumulation, hydroelectrical power generation relies on reservoirs to accumulate the water and regulate the water flow over the year (Fig.

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