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By William Dalrymple

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On a dismal night in November 1862, an inexpensive coffin is buried in eerie silence. There are not any lamentations or panegyrics, for the British Commissioner dependable has insisted, ‘No vesting will stay to tell apart the place the final of the good Mughals rests.'

This Mughal is Bahadur Shah Zafar II, probably the most tolerant and likeable of his impressive dynasty who discovered himself chief of a violent and doomed rebellion. The Siege of Delhi used to be the Raj's Stalingrad, the tip of either Mughal strength and a outstanding culture.

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It is likewise not improbable that the circulation of the Treatise within the heart of the imperial and Portuguese bureaucracies involved the use of family and private networks for exchanging texts and news between the two worlds. 85 While Rui Lourenço de Távora was the viceroy of the Estado da Índia in Goa (1609– 12), his son-in-law Dom Francisco da Gama was the president of the Conselho da Índia in Lisbon (1608–14). 86 Furthermore, Francisco da Gama himself was not unfamiliar with Mughal India, which constituted one of his regular preoccupations during his first term as viceroy of Goa from 1597 to 1600.

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90 Truly significant is the long paragraph added in the BNE MS regarding the ‘Expenses with the animals and other things of his service’ (f. 67r), which is not included in the ANTT MS. 91 Intriguingly, these costs are given in ducats, when all the other computations in the same text are made in escudos. Could this be a sign that this brief section on the karkhanas came from a different source? This evidence suggests that the scribe of the BNE MS was either working off of a version of the Treatise different from that of the ANTT MS or that he had personal knowledge about the Mughal Empire and South Asia that allowed him to expand on certain subjects and provide additional information.

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