The Jewish Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Persian Azerbaijan: by Irene Garbell PDF

By Irene Garbell

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Xa+a} "alive") xaula "state of being alive", xarip- (cf. {xarup+a} "sharp", C with allomorphic replacement of /-u-/ by /-i-/) -> xaripula "sharpness", xamis- (cf. {xamus+a} "sour", with the mutation just mentioned) -+ xamisula "sourness", xilj- (cf. {xilj + a } "sweet") + -anxiljanula "sweetness". 2 Derivation by prefixation takes place by aid of the morpheme na-, which is assimilated to the following base in flatting. )" -* nahäq "unlawful", xos "good, pleasant" naxoS "unwell, sick". 22 Derivation from verbal bases.

Xjaru/ "their cucumbers", /zréle/ "he sowed, planted" vs. S /zréle/ "he scattered". (2) Flat syllables of the type CaC occur only when base final: /ijar/ "2nd Jewish month", /nisan/ "1st Jewish month", /nisan/ "mark, sign", /dajirwa«/ "mill", /dusman/ Ν "enemy", /sulhan/ "table", /finjan/ "cup", /jejran/ "gazelle" /namakdan/ "salt-cellar" vs. /tuman/ "myriad". All derivational suffixes following a base with final flat syllable are likewise flat: /nisanqula/ "engagement", /dajirwa/ic// "miller".

Irregular primary derivation (with flatting) : banna "mason" (cf. )" (cf. q-j/O-m "rise, stand up"). (5) CVCCVC with heterogenic -CC- (potentially derived from root-morphemes of classes A' and E') : (a) CaCCaC Examples: (i) aslan "lion", dawsan "hare", karwan "caravan", madjan "mare", rahman "merciful", xarman "threshing floor"; (ii) none. (b) CaCCäC Examples : (i) askär "army", cangäl "fork", jandäg "body", qajmäy "cream", xandäq "trench"; (ii) hawsäla "patience", panjära "window", qarqära "raven".

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