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By David Eisenbud, Joe Harris

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The speculation of schemes is the root for algebraic geometry proposed and elaborated via Alexander Grothendieck and his co-workers. It has allowed significant growth in classical parts of algebraic geometry resembling invariant concept and the moduli of curves. It integrates algebraic quantity idea with algebraic geometry, pleasurable the goals of past generations of quantity theorists. This integration has resulted in proofs of a few of the foremost conjectures in quantity concept (Deligne's facts of the Weil Conjectures, Faltings' evidence of the Mordell Conjecture).
This publication is meant to bridge the chasm among a primary path in classical algebraic geometry and a technical treatise on schemes. It makes a speciality of examples, and strives to teach "what goes on" at the back of the definitions. there are various routines to check and expand the reader's knowing. the must haves are modest: a bit commutative algebra and an acquaintance with algebraic types, approximately on the point of a one-semester path. The publication goals to teach schemes in terms of different geometric principles, akin to the speculation of manifolds. a few familiarity with those principles is beneficial, although no longer required.

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It also has the advantage of working uniformly for all “local ringed spaces” — structures defined by a topological space with a sheaf of rings whose stalks are local rings. To understand the motivation behind this definition, consider once more the case of differentiable manifolds. A continuous map ψ : M → N between differentiable manifolds is differentiable if and only if, for every differentiable function f on an open subset U ⊂ N, the pullback ψ # f := f ◦ ψ is a differentiable function on ψ −1 U ⊂ M.

Compute the ring of rational functions lim OX (U ) := −→ U∈U   the disjoint union of OX (U ) for all U ∈ U , modulo the equiva- lence relation σ ∼ τ if σ ∈ OX (U ), τ ∈ OX (V ), and the restric- ,   tions of σ and τ are equal on some W ∈ U contained in U ∩ V first in the case where R is a domain and then for an arbitrary Noetherian ring. Example I-22. Another very simple example will perhaps help to fix these ideas. Let K be a field, and let R = K[x](x) , the localization of the polynomial ring in one variable X at the maximal ideal (x).

It is important not to let this double usage cause confusion. The two notions are of course very different: for example, if Y = Spec L for some finite extension L of Q, then we have a map {Y -valued points of X} −→ |X| but this map is in general neither injective or surjective: the image will be the subset of points p ∈ X whose residue field κ(p) is a subfield of L, and the fiber of the map over such a point p will be the set of ring homomorphisms from κ(p) to L. Another distinction is that while the set |X| of points of X is absolute, the set of Y -valued points is relative in the sense that it may depend on the specification of a base scheme S and the structure morphism X → S.

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