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Not like different books of geometry , the writer of this ebook built geometry in a axiomatic approach . this is often the characteristic which vary from different books of geometry and how i love . Let's see how the writer developed axiomization geometry . instinct and deduction are strong how you can wisdom . The axioms are the intuitive ideas that are pointless to be proved . The theorems are the verified propositions that are deduced from axioms . even if axioms are intuitive , they could have the tested propositions referred to as theorems which contradict . in the event that they do , the procedure of the axiomization geometry could holiday down . since it has a few fake propositions when you imagine the contradictory ones as fact , and vice versa . There are the entire discussions of the issues above in bankruptcy 2 referred to as consistency that is vitally important in an axiomatic method .

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Let two triangles, PQR and P'Q'R' (coplanar or noncoplanar) be perspective from a point 0. 14 that their three pairs of corresponding sides meet, say in D, E, F. 3A. Consider the two triangles PP'E and QQ'D. 31), perspective from a point, namely, from the point PQ P'Q' = F. That is, the three points E, D, F are collinear. 3 1, the converse of Desargues's theorem, happens to be easier to prove ab initio than Desargues's theorem itself. 32 first (as in Reference 7, p. 32 to the triangles PP'E and QQ'D.

12 THE FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM OF PROJECTIVE GEOMETRY: A projec- tivity is determined when three collinear points and the corresponding three collinear points are given. " Thus each of the relations ABC A A'B'C', ABC 7C abc, abc A ABC, abc 7 a'b'c' THE FUNDAMENTAL THEOREM 35 suffices to specify uniquely a particular projectivity. On the other hand, each of the relations ABCD n A'B'C'D', ABCD n abcd, abcd n a'b'c'd' expresses a special property of eight points, or of four points and four lines, or of eight lines, of such a nature that any seven of the eight will uniquely determine the remaining one.

5. 2. Could this be developed into a proof of Pappus's theorem? 6. If one triangle is inscribed in another, any point on a side of the former can be used as a vertex of a third triangle which completes a cycle of Graves triangles (each inscribed in the next). 7. Assign the digits 0, 1, ... , 8 to the nine points of the Pappus configuration in such a way that 801, 234, 567 are three triads of collinear points while 012, 345, 678 is a cycle of Graves triangles. (E. S. *) * In his answer to an examination question.

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