The Fast Fourier Transform: An Introduction to Its Theory by E. Oran Brigham PDF

By E. Oran Brigham

ISBN-10: 013307496X

ISBN-13: 9780133074963

Here's a new booklet that identifies and translates the fundamental fundamentals of the quick Fourier rework (FFT). It hyperlinks in a unified presentation the Fourier rework, discrete Fourier remodel, FFT, and primary purposes of the FFT. The FFT is turning into a major analytical instrument in such varied fields as linear structures, optics, chance concept, quantum physics, antennas, and sign research, yet there has constantly been an issue of speaking its basics. hence the purpose of this ebook is to supply a readable and practical therapy of the FFT and its major functions. In his Preface the writer explains the association of his subject matters, "... each significant idea is built by way of a three-stage sequential procedure. First, the concept that is brought via an intuitive improvement that's frequently pictorial and nature. moment, a non-sophisticated (but completely sound) mathematical remedy is constructed to aid the intuitive arguments. The 3rd level includes sensible examples designed to check and extend the idea that being mentioned. it truly is felt that this three-step process supplies which means in addition to mathematical substance to the elemental houses of the FFT. --- from book's dustjacket

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EXAMPLE To =4 h(1) (2-17) 2-4 Consider the function (2-20) (2-22) 18 Chap. 2 THE FOURIER TRANSFORM Sec. 2-3 THE FOUJUER TRANSFORM 19 By means of Condition 2, the Fourier transform pair HIli hIlI· 2Afo sin 1:°11 2Af, sin (2n/ot) o 2n/ot 01 B ~f H(/) = A 1/1

From Condition 2 the Fourier transform of h(t) exists and is given by f~ 2Af, sin (2ft/ot) e- 12• /1 dt H(f) = _~ ~ f~ sin (2n/ot)[cos (2n/t) n _~ t = 1 2n/ot 0 j sin (2n/t)] dt = ~ f~ sin (2n/ot) cos (2n/t) dt n _~ t (2-23) The imaginary term integrates to zero since the integrand term is an odd function. 1. 1. S(t)e- 12 • ,t dt = Ke O = K r~ [~]eI2,'t d/ = r~ K cos ~2n/t) d/ + j f~ K sin (2nft) d/ (2-30) 2nt (2-31) Because the integrand of the second integral is an odd function, the integral is zero; the first integral is meaningless unless it is interpreted in the sense of distribution theory.

Fl·H(f) (3-20) The· time-shifted Fourier transform pair is 2A h(1 - 10 ) EXAMPLE ·To H(f)e-/hfl' (3-21) 3-6 A pictorial description of this pair is illustrated in Fig. 3-4. As shown, timeshifting results in a change in the phase angle (J(f) = tan-I[/(f)/R(f)]. Note that time-shifting does not alter the magnitude of the Fourier transform. ;Hl(f) (3-22) 4h(4t) H(~ 4 4A where H(f) has been assumed (0 be real for simplicity. These results are easily extended to the case of H(f), a complex function.

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