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A society, like an organism, must be capable of eliminating its wastes. Likes and dislikes over which, as we know, one has no control can be thought of as individual, short-lived rudiments of a vital system of this sort that are extremely weak because of their subjective and fragmentary nature. Moreover, it is no coincidence that collective opinion is inclined to represent them as deceptive and, on the pretext of being impartial, recommends ignoring them and not taking them into account when a decision that even remotely concerns society itself, especially the public services, is in question.

The conscious individual, consequently, feels only indifference toward society, when so inclined by a contemplative nature. When an easily offended nature made the restrictions imposed on the conscious individ- THE WINTER W I N D • 35 ual by the group unbearable (restrictions he instantly regarded as nuisances and persecutions), that individual has felt only an open and belligerent hostility. No longer having anything other than defensive reactions toward society, this person naturally reserves sympathy for all those kept on the margin, delinquents, streetwalkers and outlaws, and bit by bit makes a hero of the intractable convict on whom the prison always shuts* It is wrong to think of the theme in romantic literature of the prostitute with the heart of gold or the magnanimous thief as characteristics of a mawkish, vulgar sentimentality, when there are few better signs of what is essentially novel about the period.

A few remarks about the title. There is the sense that the last lines will develop: glacial rigors and their seasonal delights, which stimulate the deserving. But, along with the furs of the masochistic berserkers (Caillois was more attracted to the chevalier's writings than to those of the marquis), winter was strongly associated with the works of the French sociologists Mauss and Granet. Caillois, their disciple, would frequently refer to them in his lecture entitled "Festival" (May 2, 1939).

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