John Kowalski's The Art of Charcuterie PDF

By John Kowalski

ISBN-10: 0470197412

ISBN-13: 9780470197417

A complete, professional-level advisor to the making of sausages and cured meats The paintings of charcuterie has been practiced because the 15th century, yet in recent times curiosity has escalated during this artisanal strong point.

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Onion Used fresh or cooked, onion is also available and commonly used dehydrated, chopped, or powdered. Flavor ranges from sweet and heavy to strong and hot. It is used in terrines, sausages, and marinades. pickling spice A mixture of whole leaves, berries, and pods, pickling spice contains a range of flavors from sweet to spicy and tangy. It is used for pickling, canning, pickles, bread, butter, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, and onions. truffles Truffles are one of the most expensive of the fungi, but they are packed with flavor.

Will absorb as much as 70% of its weight in water. Soy protein isolate, often called SPI, is the most refined form of soy protein and is mainly used in meat products to improve texture and mouthfeel. Soy protein isolate contains about 90% protein and will absorb as much as 90% of its weight in water. WATER Dispersing medium for salts, nitrites, phosphates, and other curing ingredients; assists in maintaining moist, juicy end product; compensates for moisture loss during hot smoking (thermal processing) THE ART OF CHARCUTERIE 33 starter cultures, fermentation, and drying There is an acceptable range of temperatures that correspond to each particular process.

When I refer to clean meat, I mean that pork, beef, lamb, and veal should be handled in the following manner: the item is trimmed of excess fat and sinew, and cartilage is removed. Then the meat is cubed ½ to 1 inch. When I use these products for sausages, I separate the fat from meat and from all the sinew. The fat I will not use but replace with fat back, jowl fat, or pork bellies. If the pork recipe calls for a product with the ratio of 80 percent meat and 20 percent fat, you can use the straight pork or an item that is similar in the fat : meat ratio.

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