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2008). Furthermore, overexpression of ADAM10 in early lymphocyte progenitors under the H-2 Kb promoter and the IgH enhancer region, exhibited a smaller thymus, reduced DN and DP thymocyte populations and other B and myeloid specific defects (Gibb et al. 2011). In contrast, proteolytic processing of Notch ligands is not critical during T cell development. Using an uncleavable Dll1 overexpressed in OP9 cells, T cell development was analyzed and found to progress normally (Gravano and Manilay 2010).

Dev Dyn 235:886–894 Ciofani M, Zuniga-Pflucker JC (2005) Notch promotes survival of pre-T cells at the betaselection checkpoint by regulating cellular metabolism. Nat Immunol 6:881–888 Ciofani M, Zuniga-Pflucker JC (2007) The thymus as an inductive site for T lymphopoiesis. Annu Rev Cell Dev Biol 23:463–493 Notch Receptor-Ligand Interactions During T Cell Development 39 Ciofani M, Schmitt TM, Ciofani A, Michie AM, Cuburu N, Aublin A, Maryanski JL, Zuniga-Pflucker JC (2004) Obligatory role for cooperative signaling by pre-TCR and Notch during thymocyte differentiation.

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