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By Nicolas Privault

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This quantity offers a unified presentation of stochastic research for non-stop and discontinuous stochastic techniques, in either discrete and non-stop time. it really is normally self-contained and available to graduate scholars and researchers having already got a easy education in likelihood. The simultaneous remedy of continuing and leap tactics is completed within the framework of ordinary martingales; that incorporates the Brownian movement and compensated Poisson strategies as particular instances. specifically, the elemental instruments of stochastic research (chaos illustration, gradient, divergence, integration by way of components) are awarded during this common environment. purposes are given to sensible and deviation inequalities and mathematical finance.

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Hence, for any t = a, h(t) > h(a) = 0, and so g (t) ≥ 0 for any t ∈ R and g (t) = 0 if and only if t = a. Therefore, g is strictly increasing. Finally, since t = a is the unique root of g = 0, we have that g(t) ≥ g(a) = 0 for all t ∈ R. 7) is a discrete analog of the sharp inequality on Poisson space of [151]. 8 1 Fig. 3). 13 Change of Variable Formula 49 which, in the limit as n goes to infinity, yields Ent [eϕ(U) ] ≤ λE[eϕ(U) ((ϕ(U + 1) − ϕ(U ))eϕ(U+1)−ϕ(U) − eϕ(U+1)−ϕ(U) + 1)], where U is a Poisson random variable with parameter λ.

E. Yk (0) = qk − pk + Xk (0) , √ 2 pk qk k ∈ N, thus ω ) = | X(0))(ω) = 1 + e−t Yk (ω)Yk (˜ ω ) dP(Xk (˜ ω ) = ), dP(Xk (t)(˜ ε = ±1. Since the components of (Xk (t))k∈N are independent, this shows that the law of (X0 (t), . . 9 Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Semi-Group and Process 31 dP(X0 (t)(˜ ω ) = 0 , . . , Xn (t)(˜ ω ) = n | X(0))(˜ ω) n ω , ω)dP(X0 (˜ ω ) = 0 , . . , Xn (˜ ω ) = n ). 6) holds for F ∈ L2 (Ω, FN ), N ≥ 0. The independent components Xk (t), k ∈ N, can be constructed from the data of Xk (0) = and an independent exponential random variable τk via the following procedure.

For any 0 ≤ p ≤ 1, t ∈ R, a ∈ R, q = 1 − p, ptet + qaea − pet + qea log pet + qea ≤ pq qea (t − a)et−a − et−a + 1 + pet (a − t)ea−t − ea−t + 1 . Proof. Set g(t) = pq qea (t − a)et−a − et−a + 1 + pet (a − t)ea−t − ea−t + 1 −ptet − qaea + pet + qea log pet + qea . Then g (t) = pq qea (t − a)et−a + pet −ea−t + 1 − ptet + pet log(pet + qea ) and g (t) = pet h(t), where h(t) = −a − 2pt − p + 2pa + p2 t − p2 a + log(pet + qea ) + pet . pet + qea Now, 2pet p2 e2t − a t + qe (pe + qea )2 pq 2 (et − ea )(pet + (q + 1)ea ) = , (pet + qea )2 h (t) = −2p + p2 + pet which implies that h (a) = 0, h (t) < 0 for any t < a and h (t) > 0 for any t > a.

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