New PDF release: Statistics Done Wrong: The Woefully Complete Guide

By Alex Reinhart

ISBN-10: 1593276206

ISBN-13: 9781593276201

Clinical development is determined by solid learn, and strong learn wishes solid records. yet statistical research is hard to get correct, even for the easiest and brightest folks. You'd be shocked what number scientists are doing it wrong.

Statistics performed mistaken is a pithy, crucial consultant to statistical errors in glossy technological know-how that may allow you to maintain your examine blunder-free. You'll study embarrassing mistakes and omissions in contemporary examine, find out about the misconceptions and medical politics that let those blunders to occur, and start your quest to reform how you and your friends do statistics.

You'll locate suggestion on:

Asking the precise query, designing the perfect scan, selecting the best statistical research, and sticking to the plan
How to contemplate p values, value, insignificance, self assurance periods, and regression
Choosing definitely the right pattern dimension and fending off fake positives
Reporting your research and publishing your info and resource code
Procedures to stick with, precautions to take, and analytical software program that could help

Scientists: learn this concise, strong consultant that will help you produce statistically sound research.
Statisticians: supply this e-book to each person you know.

The first step towards data performed correct is records performed Wrong.
About the Author

Alex Reinhart is a information teacher and PhD pupil at Carnegie Mellon collage. He got his BS in physics on the college of Texas at Austin and does learn on finding radioactive units utilizing information and physics.
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: An advent to Statistical Significance
Chapter 2: Statistical strength and Underpowered Statistics
Chapter three: Pseudoreplication: decide on Your facts Wisely
Chapter four: The p worth and the bottom fee Fallacy
Chapter five: undesirable Judges of Significance
Chapter 6: Double-Dipping within the Data
Chapter 7: Continuity Errors
Chapter eight: version Abuse
Chapter nine: Researcher Freedom:Good Vibrations?
Chapter 10: all people Makes Mistakes
Chapter eleven: Hiding the Data
Chapter 12: What may be performed?

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