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1993) Drinking, driving, and deterrence: the effectiveness and social costs of alternative policies, Journal of Law and Economics , 36, 877 Á 913. Moulton, B. R. (1986) Random group effects and the precision of regression estimates, Journal of Econometrics , 32, 385 Á 397. Pesaran, M. H. & Smith, R. (1995) Estimating long-run relationships from dynamic heterogeneous panels, Journal of Econometrics , 68, 79 Á 113. Simon, J. L. (1966) The economic effects of state monopoly of packaged-liquor retailing, Journal of Political Economy , 74, 188 Á 194.

Spatial fixed-effects results for domestic wage determination Downloaded by [Tehran University] at 04:22 21 August 2011 Wage Spillovers 199 equations and has a negative impact as expected, with a significantly greater impact on unskilled wages, again as one would expect. This is consistent with Blanchflower & Oswald (1994) and Cameron & Muellbauer (2000), but contrasts with Latreille & Manning (2000) who find no significant difference in the impacts of unemployment. The cross-wage terms indicate the existence of such wage effects.

O Nt ) ; m 0 (m1 ; . . ; mN ) denotes the vector of state effects and ft 0 (f1t ; . . ; fNt )? are the remainder disturbances which are independent of m. The ft s follow the spatial error dependence model ft 0 lW ft 'nt ; (3) where W is the matrix of known spatial weights of dimension N ) N and l is the spatial autoregressive coefficient. nt (n1t ; . . ; nNt )? is iid(0; s2n ) and is independent of ft and m. The spatial matrix W is constructed as follows: a neighbouring state takes the value 1, otherwise it is zero.

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