Robust Control Design Using H Methods by Ian R. Petersen, Valery A. Ugrinovskii, Andrey V. Savkin PDF

By Ian R. Petersen, Valery A. Ugrinovskii, Andrey V. Savkin

ISBN-10: 1852331712

ISBN-13: 9781852331719

This ebook presents a unified number of very important, contemporary effects for the layout of strong controllers for doubtful platforms. many of the effects offered are according to H¿ keep watch over thought, or its stochastic counterpart, threat delicate keep watch over conception. imperative to the philosophy of the booklet is the inspiration of an doubtful method. doubtful platforms are thought of utilizing numerous various uncertainty modeling schemes. those comprise norm bounded uncertainty, vital quadratic constraint (IQC) uncertainty and a few stochastic uncertainty descriptions. specifically, the authors research stochastic doubtful platforms within which the uncertainty is printed by way of a stochastic model of the IQC uncertainty description. for every category of doubtful structures coated within the publication, corresponding powerful keep watch over difficulties are outlined and recommendations mentioned.

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Robust Control Design Using H Methods by Ian R. Petersen, Valery A. Ugrinovskii, Andrey V. Savkin PDF

This e-book presents a unified selection of vital, contemporary effects for the layout of sturdy controllers for doubtful structures. lots of the effects provided are according to H¿ regulate conception, or its stochastic counterpart, threat delicate regulate concept. primary to the philosophy of the ebook is the concept of an doubtful approach.

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This can be a thoroughgoing revision and enlargement of the sooner booklet, bringing it modern with the newest study. The older rules are awarded besides the hot, and the experimental facts is given in define, and completely referenced. the place functional, illustrations are selected from key works and the resource reference is given within the subtitle as within the first variation.

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The choice of the over-sampling factor has a strong impact on the SQNR. Next to appearing explicitly in eq. 1, also L is a function of m. This is discussed below. Loop filter The architectural design of the loop filter includes the choice of the filter order, the choice between a switched capacitor or a continuous-time implementation and the choice of filter topology. 3: Continuous-time ADC with feed forward (a) and feedback (b) loop filter • the higher-order filter sections provide additional shaping of the quantization noise; • still, the power consumption of these sections can be very low: since the filter is put inside of an overall feedback loop, the noise and distortion of these stages is suppressed by the gain of the preceding sections.

The key assumption in the analysis is that the load of the circuit behaves capacitively over a large part of the signal bandwidth. Hence, this condition is fulfilled for the α = 2/3 case in the analysis above because the dominant pole of the open loop transfer function is much smaller than the signal bandwidth. A further assumption in the referenced paper is the fact that the output swing is rail/rail. Thus, for a fixed gain, VD D can be substituted by vˆIN . The above-derived expression for the current consumption (eq.

1: Overview of ADCs as listed in appendix A repeated for ADCs only. 1 of appendix A and comprises around 70 designs published from 2000 until 2004. The resulting chart of fig. 1 proves that, also for ADCs, the FOM of eq. 6 closely predicts the power/bandwidth versus SINAD trendline. In [61], this anomaly between the theoretical prediction (∼ 22ENOB ) and the practical trendline (∼ 2ENOB ) is attributed to technology constraints, architectural overhead and various implementation related limitations.

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