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By David Mond, Marcelo Saia

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This article bargains a range of papers on singularity thought provided on the 6th Workshop on actual and complicated Singularities held at ICMC-USP, Brazil. it's going to support scholars and experts to appreciate effects that illustrate the connections among singularity conception and comparable fields. The authors speak about irreducible airplane curve singularities, openness and multitransversality, the distribution Afs and the genuine asymptotic spectrum, deformations of boundary singularities and non-crystallographic coxeter teams, transversal Whitney topology and singularities of Haefliger foliations, the topology of hypersurface singularities, polar multiplicities and equisingularity of map germs from C3 to C4, and topological invariants of reliable maps from a floor to the airplane from an international point of view.

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