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By Kenneth Cooper

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A reference and textual content encompassing an important features of fast prototyping expertise as a box. stories operation rules and strategies for many good freeform applied sciences and historic platforms info, selling layout and production tools.

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1 JP-5 Hardware The JP-5 operates from a personal computer as small as a 486/33 with 8 MB RAM (not included), and is very simple to use. The system comes in two sizes, the larger of which builds parts typically within a 12" X 18" cross sectional area. The JP-5 plotter is controlled through a serial port on the computer, by the JP-5 software. 7 Software The software used to operate the JP-5 is actually embedded into a computer-aided design (CAD) package called Silver Screen. STL file, as well as Silver Screen CAD files.

9 shows the finished gear (white), along with other parts made with the JP-5. 9 Finished JP-5 parts. All are approximately one-quarter inch thick. 3 Finishing a Part Once the JP-5 part has been completely assembled, it should be sealed to prevent moisture from being absorbed into the paper. Moisture can cause the parts to warp, sag, or deform. Different sealers can be used, including sanding sealers and varnishes or polyurethane sprays, but the simplest method suggested by the manufacturer is to use ordinary school glue brushed on with a small paintbrush.

Also, any exposure to fluids or pressures may result in delamination of the paper between layers. Regardless, the application of verifying a concept visually is well filled by these parts. 6 Key Terms Plotter system. For the JP-5, the plotter system consists of a computer and a modified Graphtec pen plotter with knife blades. Assembly board. A large peg board with threaded holes at regular intervals that match pegs used for JP-5 part assembly. Part orientation. The most crucial preprocessing step of the JP-5 system setup, consisting of placing the part in relative threedimensional space whereas the build time and support geometry are both optimized.

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