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Twenty papers are dedicated to the remedy of a large spectrum of difficulties within the thought and functions of dynamic video games with the emphasis on pursuit-evasion differential video games. the matter of capturability is punctiliously investigated, additionally the matter of noise-corrupted (state) measurements. consciousness is given to aerial wrestle difficulties and their attendant modelling concerns, equivalent to variable velocity of the opponents, the three-dimensionality of actual house, and the wrestle challenge, i.e. difficulties concerning 'role decision'

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The "curve" L must constitute an extremal trajectory of the system (1). Conversely, if it all points x in some segment of the "curve" L where equation (14) holds we have Πτ{χ)φη(χ), then equation (3) yields the vector / [ Λ \ W(X), v(x);p] [which constitutes the right-hand side of the (extremal) system (1)] tangent to the above-mentioned segment of L c z ^ H ^ " . Hence, this segment of L constitutes an extremal trajectory of the system (1). Note that if the segment of the "curve" L = BUP under consideration is not an extremal trajectory of the system (1), then equations (10), (8) and (9) imply that condition (14) holds.

System trajectories are contained in the shaded area (Fig. 1) for the case of (99) and (105) with y = 1/2, c e [-1, 1]. In view of (108), it is clear that Player 2 cannot force trajectories out of the shaded area through L,. g. w2 = — Μ2ζ2(χ) he can force them out through L2 in order to bring the motion onto QQ causing a stop or system breakdown. g. taking ( —M2 + y)C,(x) instead of (M2 + y)C\(x) in (105)] to the tricks of Player 2. 34 E. A. GALPERIN and J. M. SKOWRONSKI To illustrate the situation with the "value" of the game, let us compute the functional (87) on trajectories generated by the strategies (99), (105).

S E M I - B A R R I E R S , S E M I - P E R M E A B L E SETS, BARRIER We shall use the concept of a semi-barrier to introduce the concepts of semi-permeable sets and barrier discussed by Isaacs [3]. With reference to our general formation, we make the following definition of semi-barrier. We assume that the winning regions Wx and W2 for the players are non-void. 42 J. M. SKOWRONSKI and R. J. , x R* there exists an admissible strategy pJ e Pj(j φ i) such that for all p'eP' every solution of the initial value problem x(t) e F[x(t); pJ] with x(t0) = x0 has the property χ(ί)φΔ( for all / ^ t0.

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