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Another modeling error may be related to element size. The ultimate objective or aim is that the modeling results are independent of mesh size. Typically you need to re-run the analysis based on a finer mesh to check for convergence of the simulation results. As a rule of thumb, areas of interest should be meshed finer (smaller element size). Of utmost importance is the element quality. Keep in mind that the elements not only “reflect” the CAD model, but eventually the analysis is based on the finite elements.

In linear finite element analysis there may be a tendency for the parts to penetrate each other (sometimes called pass through). Since this is a load dependent non-linear behavior, a linear solver will not handle this type of problem properly. Pass through can be handled in an approximate way by the addition of constraints between the parts normal to the contact surface. Care must be taken not to add too many constraints since separations may also occur. The constraint locations are also load case dependent.

A consistent set of base and derived units, commonly used in engineering, is given in the following table: 60 Copy issued for: Sherif Semida Quantity Symbol Dimension SI-System (MKS) System mm-t-s Unit Mult. System mm-kg-ms Unit Mult. ) are valid for conversion from the SI-System to the given system. Equations Used to Help Determine Consistent Units To test whether a set of units is consistent is to check basic equations. For example, for a force, F = m • a = m • l / t^2 and therefore the definition of a Newton is 1 N = 1 kg • 1 m/s^2 Please see chapter IX Material and Property Information for examples of sets of consistent units.

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