Download e-book for iPad: Polymer Analysis and Characterization by J. L. Viovy, J. Lessec (auth.)

By J. L. Viovy, J. Lessec (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0387572384

ISBN-13: 9780387572383

ISBN-10: 3540572384

ISBN-13: 9783540572381

Contents: J.L. Viovy, J. Lesec: Separation of Macromoleculesin Gels: Permeation Chromatography and Electrophoresis.- V.A. Bershtein, V. Ryzhov: Far Infrared Spectroscopy of Polymers.- I.S. Osad'ko: Selective Spectroscopy of Chromophore Doped Polymers and Glasses.- N. Ise, H. Matsuoka: Small-Angle and Ultra-Small perspective X-Ray ScatteringStudy of Polyelectrolyte strategies and Latex Suspensions.- G.C. Berry: Static and Dynamic mild Scattering on Moderately targeted options: Isotropic strategies of Flexible and Rodlike Chains and Nematic ideas of RodlikeChains.-

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Polymer Analysis and Characterization by J. L. Viovy, J. Lessec (auth.)

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