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By Samuel Scolnicov

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A entire presentation of the total diversity of Plato's concept, this booklet focuses specifically on how Plato built his metaphysics in an effort to help his private academic convictions.

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This is a notion which, I have to confess, I otherwise find to be almost completely devoid of practical import. If a school is seen as a complex system, then we can no longer take it for granted that a policy adopted by the headteacher can be passed down the line to everybody in the school. On the contrary, the various layers of organization resemble each other in their forms, and to change the culture of the school requires action at many different levels. The adoption of a policy by the governors will do little for the pupils in the school (apart from generating a contempt for policies) unless it is matched by action that is reflected at all levels in the organization.

Game theory has developed the concept of'maximin' options to characterize this behaviour. Now, with only one more flight of fancy, the importance of such a gametheory approach can be seen very clearly. Imagine a school playground with 100 pairs of children playing our modified game of Scissors, Paper, Stone. And further assume that the informal solution of this game set out above is accurate, and that at one instant all 100 pairs make one play, and that 200 children select either Scissors, or Paper, or Stone.

The mechanics of reading and the memorization by heart do not necessarily add up to produce the overall impact of a poem, any more than my understanding of science is the sum total of all the exercise problems that I have ever solved. This feature of having a whole which cannot be 32 Theory and Practice of Education defined entirely through the definition of its parts is called emergence, and is another feature of complex systems. Finally, the learning process involves numerous feedback loops. As we try to learn, we monitor our own thinking processes in order to make fine adjustments and corrections.

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