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By Margaret L.;Vickery, Brian Vickery

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The sweet potato needs a much warmer and wetter c1imate than the ordinary potato. Although it must not have more than 12 hours of light it does need a lot of sunshine. When culti vated, fresh plants are grown every year, although naturally the plant is a perennial. Sweet potato plants are Iianes with long, thin, twining sterns and beautiful, purpIe, trumpet-shaped flowers. Each plant produces about 10 tubers. Sweet potatoes are one of the principal crops of Burundi, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Sudan and R wanda.

The flowers are white, pink, pur pIe or yellowish and the pods are long and narrow. n.. COOH ( CI: -oxoglutaric acid) Transamination of pyruvic acid by glutamic acid to form The nutritive value of a protein depends on the amount of the limiting amino acid present in the protein. The limiting amino acid is the essential amino acid present in least amount according to dietary needs. In cereals the limiting amino acid is characteristically lysine while in the pulses it is methionine, although in the latter case a high concentration of cystine will help to combat a low concentration of methionine .

In animals a deficiency of these acids causes growth restriction, abnormal skin and hair and damage to the reproductive system. 3 Hydrolysis of fats to form fatty acids and glyct'rol acids remain free and there is a rapid turnover in these non-esterified acids. Although glycogen (see chapter 2) produces the energy needed in sud den bursts of work, such as running a race, it is thought that the nonesterified fatty acids are the primary source of fuel for more gentle and continuous work, such as walking on level ground.

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