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All companies which sell products in EU member states must comply with the following: Source reduction Companies must reduce their packaging to the minimum amount required for product protection, safety and consumer acceptance. Recovery standards Packaging components must be reusable/recoverable by either energy, or organic, or material recovery and must meet certain requirements specific to that recovery route. Re-use A package must meet the requirements of the re-use standard if it is claimed as reusable.

Under the Decree, while local authorities remain responsible for the collection of household waste, Eco-Emballages provides financial assistance. Decree on Essential Requirements for the Design and Manufacture of Packaging This Decree is for achieving compliance with the EU Directive on essential requirements Page 34 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Paper Packaging Waste: Global Legislation and Regulations Paper packaging waste regulation by region 3 of packaging. The Decree has adopted the EU Directive without any changes.

The ’Green Dot’ logo on a package means that the company that has put the product on the market contributes to its related waste management financially. It is neither a sorting instruction nor does it mean that the package should be sorted separately. The logo does not guarantee that the packaging will be recycled55. Service organisations that carry out disposal operations on behalf of manufacturers or importers must have a contract, which is valid for up to six years. This contract must specify the packaging to be disposed of, volume of packaging to be taken back, fees payable, etc.

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