Pakistan (Modern World Nations) by Samuel Willard Crompton PDF

By Samuel Willard Crompton

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The “P” stands for Punjab; the “A” stands for Afghan; the “K” stands for Kashmir (which is now divided between Pakistan and India); Pakistan, The Land of the Pure and the “STAN” is for Baluchistan. This acronym, created around 1933, has become the name of the country that was carved out of Iqbal’s vision and the political compromises that followed the British departure from the subcontinent in 1947. Iqbal died in 1938, just nine years before the Indian subcontinent was released from British rule.

15—India achieved her long-sought independence today through the transfer of British power to two dominions into which that land of 400,000,000 persons has been divided: India and Pakistan. Ceremonies in New Delhi proclaimed the new nation of India. Ceremonies in Karachi commemorated the birth of the new nation of Pakistan. The Indian subcontinent, indeed the Asian world, would never be the same again. 49 5 S People and Culture ince British author Rudyard Kipling’s spy novel Kim was published in 1901, millions of readers around the world have been entertained by the story of the adolescent boy, the old Tibetan lama (monk), and the middle-aged horse trader.

There are two scenarios that are considered most likely, although the reason may in fact be a combination of the two, or some other theory that may soon arise. First is the Aryan invasion theory. C. The Aryans came from the steppes of central Asia, and they entered Pakistan with new animals—sheep, horses, cattle—and new weapons made of bronze, which allowed them to first invade, and then dominate the local peoples. Whether the Aryans actually conquered the cities of the Indus River valley, or whether those cities suffered from a long, slow decline is uncertain.

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