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For a very long time, traditional reliability analyses were orientated in the direction of identifying the extra trustworthy process and preoccupied with maximising the reliability of engineering platforms. at the foundation of counterexamples notwithstanding, we display that settling on the extra trustworthy process doesn't inevitably suggest picking out the approach with the smaller losses from disasters!

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This quantity is a set of articles awarded on the Workshop for Nonlinear research held in João Pessoa, Brazil, in September 2012. The effect of Bernhard Ruf, to whom this quantity is devoted at the celebration of his sixtieth birthday, is perceptible in the course of the assortment through the alternative of issues and strategies.

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Y. Yan (2013) “The Effects of Electricity Reforms on Productivity and Efficiency of China’s Fossil-Fired Power Plants: An Empirical Analysis”. Energy Economics 40: 804–12. Gao, H. V. Biesebroeck (2014) “Effects of Deregulation and Vertical Unbundling on the Performance of China’s Electricity Generation Sector”. Journal of Industrial Economics 62: 41–76. D. (2002) “The Determinants of the Cost Efficiency of Electric Generating Plants: A Stochastic Frontier Approach”. Southern Economic Journal 68, 4: 935–46.

Acknowledgments This project received financial support from the Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Grant) and the Research Collaboration Award at the University of Western Australia. I thank session attendants of the 23rd Annual Conference of the Association of Chinese Economics Studies Australia (2011), the 35th Annual Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics (2012), the Theo Murphy Frontier of Sciences Conference at the Australian Academy of Sciences (2012), and the Energy Studies Institute Conference at the National University of Singapore (2013) for many valuable comments.

Source TIMES model results resource supply curves, demand projections, dynamically evolving technology costs and other relevant parameters. 1). This model assumes the domestic energy prices in China will change in line with the global energy prices after 2020. Demand projections are based on historical energy demand in Shanghai from 2000–09. The compounded annual growth rates (CAGR) of different energy demands are computed across all demand sectors from 2005–09 to estimate the energy demand in 2010.

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On the Application of Borels Method to the Summation of Fouriers Series by Moore C.N.

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