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A drop of Nourishment for individuals and its statement The Jewel decoration offers a truly interesting examining at the that means of compassion, virtuous deeds and the legislation of Karma within the idea and perform of Buddhist philosophy. via a number of fables and legends which are instantaneously pleasant and scary, the textual content and its statement finds the impermanent nature of Samsara and activates the reader in the direction of the Buddhist beliefs of Nirvana. not just adults yet teenagers also will get pleasure from and gain by way of studying A Drop of Nourishment and particularly its remark The Jewel decoration which delves into the realm of fables, fairy stories and legends to carry domestic the Buddhist message of affection, compassion and kindness to all sentient beings. --- from book's again disguise

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We married the demon women and while we were living with them you came and they put us here and married you. Now they take one of us each day and eat him. Later, when other merchants come, they'll do the same thing to you. " The voice said: "For us there is none, but you can escape. To the east of the city there is a lake and each month on the night of the new and full moon the king of the horses, whose name is Valaha, or Mighty Cloud, comes to the shore of the lake to eat grass, drink water, and roll on the golden sand.

86 The honorable, the wise, the intelligent, are disappearing. The plain, honest folk are now oppressed. The evil and cunning flourish. Obscenity and depravity increase. 87 In this period those who follow the unholy way command. The terrible destroyers exhibit their violence. This is the end, when the laws of evil are followed, And this saving law of the Buddha is destroyed. 88 The age of serenity and well-being has ended. The time of malevolence and hostility grows. Few are those who follow the pure path.

19 The Jewel Ornament A Commentary to Nagarjuna's "A Drop of Nourishmentfor People" 21 (1) Do not needlessly talk about others' faults. If you begin by mentioning others' failings, Very soon you will be talked about in turn Like the silly woman and the fox. Long ago, in eastern India there was a married woman who had made a date with another man. As she was going to meet him she was attacked by brigands who took her jewels and clothing and left her naked. Having no place to go to cover her shame, she crawled into a-pile of leaves that had fallen from a dal tree that grew on the shore of a lake.

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