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By John H. Davies

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The MSP430 is an easy 16-bit microcontroller with a compact and cost-effective CPU containing purely 27 directions and sixteen registers. It deals different benefits which make it compatible for low strength functions: a wealthy number of peripherals for analog enter and output speedy processing get up time the remedy of information and handle on equivalent footing.
Introduction to the MSP430 combines an educational process with an outline of the CPU and major peripherals. the academic builds from a simple software for lights LEDs to using a timer. It makes use of the interval from the beginning yet courses also are constructed in meeting language to teach how a software interacts with the undefined. to illustrate the designated beneficial properties of the MSP430 complete assurance is given to the guideline set, sigma-delta analog-digital converters and timers. eventually, the booklet offers an advent to the MSP430 which extends the structure to deal with extra reminiscence and which supplies a bridge to the ARM 7 processor.
1.Embedded digital structures and microcontrollers 2. Texas MSP430 three. improvement four. an easy journey of the MSP430 five. structure of the MSP430 6.Functions, interrupts and low-power modes 7.Digital enter, output and monitors eight. Timers nine. Mixed-signal structures: Analog enter and output 10. verbal exchange eleven. the longer term: MSP430X Appendices.
*The purely educational publication at the MSP430
*Uses either C and meeting language
*A CDROM containing a improvement package to assist the engineer and hobbyist application the MSP430.

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Each instruction has a binary value called an opcode. It is unrecognizable to humans, unless you spent a very long time on low-level debugging. Some very early computers had to be programmed in machine code, but that was long ago, thank goodness. You will see it, however, because the contents of memory are shown in the debugger and machine code is included in the “disassembly” (see later). Assembly language: Little more than machine code translated into English. The instructions are written as words called mnemonics rather than binary values and a program called an assembler translates the mnemonics into machine code.

In summary, it is a particularly straightforward 16-bit processor with a von Neumann architecture, designed for low-power applications. The CPU is often described as a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) but this is debatable (if unimportant) and is considered in the section “Reflections on the CPU and Instruction Set” on page 153. Both the address and data buses are 16 bits wide. The registers in the CPU are also all 16 bits wide and can be used interchangeably for either data or addresses.

It is one of the smallest MSP430s, with only 14 pins, but nevertheless contains a broad range of functions. It is also the target in TI’s low-cost eZ430–F2013 development tool and its MSP430FG4618/F2013 Experimenter’s Board. The F2003 is identical except for a smaller flash memory and a correspondingly lower price. The notation F20x3 refers to both the F2003 and F2013. It is common to find sets of devices that differ only in their memory; there are four variants of FG4616–FG4619, for instance. The F2003 and F2013 constitute one pair in a related set of devices (F2001, F2002, F2003, F2011, F2012, and F2013), known collectively as F20xx.

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