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By Alan Dean Foster

ISBN-10: 0759526249

ISBN-13: 9780759526242

The final word maquiladora. Montezuma Strip: First global tech and 3rd international wages, sprawling from L.A. to East Elpaso Juarez, Guyamas to Phoenix; 1000 gangs, one million locos; and some filthy rich past the desires of god.

Originally released 1995 by means of Aspect.

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New PDF release: Montezuma Strip (Angel Cardenas, Book 1)

The last word maquiladora. Montezuma Strip: First international tech and 3rd international wages, sprawling from L. A. to East Elpaso Juarez, Guyamas to Phoenix; 1000 gangs, one million locos; and some filthy rich past the desires of god.

Originally released 1995 via Aspect.

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The histories created by those who follow after us will be riddled with falsehoods and fabrications. They will not know why we turned from the Lion. They will know nothing of our motives, but you can know them. You can know it all. Come listen, and you will hear my secrets. Come listen, and we will talk of Luther and Lion El’Jonson. We will talk of schism and civil war. We will give voices to the dead. Come, listen, hear my secrets. Let us talk of the Dark Angels and the beginnings of their fall.

So it went on. They asked questions about warhorses, about hunting beasts, about pistols, swords, lances, strategy and wilderness survival. They asked him about the dangers of sweetroot flowers, the most secure places to seek shelter in the forest during an unexpected storm and how to recognise the difference between the tracks of a mellei bird and a raptor. They asked him to explain the decisions that needed to be made in setting up an ambush, what warning signs a commander should look out for when adopting a defensive perimeter, and what was the best way to attack an enemy who had the advantages of both higher ground and a fixed position.

Zahariel tried not to feel disappointed at the warrior before him, but where he had expected a towering hero of legend, the equal of the Lion, he now saw that Brother Amadis was simply a man. He knew he should have expected no more, but to see the warrior who had lived in his heroic dreams for as long as he could remember as just a man of flesh and blood, who did not tower over them like some mighty leviathan of legend, was somehow less than he had hoped for. Yet, even as he tried to come to terms with the reality of seeing that his hero was, after all, just a man, he saw there was something indefinable to him.

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