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By Roger T. Davis, Leonard A. Rosenblum

ISBN-10: 0125340036

ISBN-13: 9780125340038

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Ill-1. The tall cylinder is singly represented and reinforced. 25-inch steps on succeeding critical trials from identity with one of the standards to identity with the other. For example, when the variable object was identical to the short standard on the first critical trial, the tall standard was singly represented and selected by 5 as the odd object. On subsequent transfer trials the variable center object became increasingly similar to the tall standard. As the variable stimulus became intermediate between the height of the short and tall standards, S vacillated (VTEed) then shifted.

II-5a. Visual scanning shown by nine stumptail monkeys in their home cages and under two conditions of novelty. The subjects were observed under each condition for four consecutive days. In Chang-Yit (1968). 60 < 50 τ—i—r Ί—I—Γ T 1 1—Γ , I st PERIOD i 2nd PERIOD -I < 40 30 20 Ld 10 < LU

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