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By Jiashu Rong, Fenggang Wang

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Based on 1000s of skinny sections from granite in China, this publication introduces metasomatic textures and their formation mechanism in granite. It additionally proposes that metasomatic textures can primarily be categorised into styles: hetero-oriented alternative and co-oriented substitute, in keeping with the consistency of orientations of replacive and changed minerals. The hetero-oriented albitization of K-feldspar is sort of detailed from the co-oriented albitization of K-feldspar. They ensue individually with out transition, even though either are typically often called albitization of K-feldspar.This distinct granite atlas makes use of a sequence of colour microphotos interested in a quartz plate less than crossed polars to obviously illustrate metasomatic mechanisms and superimposed metasomatic techniques. The origins of transparent albite rim, intergranular swapped albite, K-feldspathization, quartzification, muscovitization, beryllization, myrmekite, small platy albite, perthitic albite, K-feldspar megacryst and so on. are comprehensively mentioned and defined. The publication will attract academics, researchers and scholars eager about igneous and metamorphic petrology.

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No co-oriented metasomatic K-feldspathization in thin sections has been found. The plagioclase vermicules in new K-feldspar may serve as additional evidence that the latter is metasomatic in origin, especially in case of rare presence of the relics of perthitic albite from the replaced K-feldspar (Fig. 23). Nevertheless, the radially distributed vermicular plagioclase may not necessarily exist in the replacive K-feldspar (Figs. 27). The orientation of metasomatic K-feldspar (Kx′) is strictly coincides with the back K-feldspar (Kx) on which it epitaxially grew (Figs.

78). 6. 6 indicates that in co-oriented metasomatic chessboard albite, Na2O content is greatly increased while K2O content is nearly eliminated, and SiO2 content must be accordingly increased. The An value of the replacive albite is less than 1. 2 Co-oriented Replacement Pattern 45 Fig. 74 (+). Enlargement of Fig. 73. Co-oriented albitized albite (dark and light gray) is different from oligoclase (Ser) and K-feldspar K (black and gray plaid). Jiling granite Fig. 75 BSE-images. Irregular sharp boundary between K and K(Ab).

Each forward replacive K-feldspar (K1′K2′K3′) has the same orientation as the K-feldspar situated behind (K1K2K3), respectively. Hornblende Hb and quartz Q survive boundaries. K1′ replaces K2 downwards, K2′ replaces K3 leftwards and K1 rightwards, and K3′ replaces K2 rightwards, respectively. The cathodoluminescent image (Fig. 33) indicates that the primary K-feldspar has pale pinkish purple luminescence, that the replacive K-feldspar in many places has bright sky-blue luminescence. But, part of the bright sky-blue color also extends to the adjacent primary K-feldspar.

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