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By Royal Institution of Naval Architects

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Figure 12: Histogram of voyage duration from SafeTrans MCS for the northern route. ٜ Figure 10: Definition of responses used in Table 6. Table 6: Summary of results (units are mks). 1 METHODOLOGY Three methods were used to estimate the 10-yr Hs during the voyage: SafeTrans MCS and VMC modes and the The ship transit speed was traditional 10-yr Hs [6]. determined from MCS and VMC. For the more traditional approach, the speed must be specified so two values were used. VMC results being slightly higher than MCS.

Marine Heavy Transport & Lift II, London, UK. 2 RESULTS 9 Table 8 shows the results. For the December voyage only 2 modules are included: module 1, which is the most forward upper-deck module, and module 2, also an upper-deck module stowed near the ship’s longitudinal CoG. It was interesting to discover that the DNV results for the transversal and vertical acceleration for all cargo locations are exceeded during the December voyage. In contrast, SafeTrans results for the summer voyage are well below those of the DNV method.

Start Voyage “adjustment” referred to in Block 7 of Figure 1, can be any of the actions in Column 2 of Table 3. The probability matrix was derived by carefully surveying the response of experienced captains when confronted with various scenarios. Delay Clear 2 Forecast IMDSS Waves winds current Ship motion database No ? Captain’s Mimic Yes In Shelter ? No 7 Adjust 3 Cruise for 3 hrs 4 Calculate ship motion Update voyage statistics Rare 5 accident? Accident Database Yes No Final 6 Destination ? Yes Stop Table 2: Summary of accident types, when they occur, and their possible consequences.

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