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Crust • + .... him Structure M463+WH 1"1f01-24 Figure 2-7. Cctnt'igurati(_r_I'(tr analyzing a vertical jut impinging ¢_na horiz(mtal surl'acc. R-564 2 2-2() Review ¢_t'Previ¢_us Rest'Itch xec¢mdctmdiihmwas l'¢_r sirtmgjetl¢_rccs, where turbulenl mixingand mass trlmsl'er effects ill the impactsurfaceledI¢_c¢mvecthm-c¢mtr¢_IIed heattransfer. c¢mtr¢illed heattransl_'r because_I'therelatively h_wconductivity ¢_f lhcnu_Iten ceramicm_llurial (c¢_rium),el thehighthermalCalmcity ¢_I" thelargevesselhead.

However, this effect is offset when temperatures in the debris bed reach melting hecause there is more space available l'c)r melt relocation in a higher porosity debris bed. Likewise, the competing effects o1"effective conductivity and flow resistance during melt relocation made analysis results less sensitive to particle size assumptions. A stratified debris compc)sition substantially increased the failure tirncs over the uniff)rmly mixed bed times reported above. 2 EPRI Analysis EPRI's IDCOR Prognim sponsored a creep rupture analysis ()1'a PWR I()wer head with no) penetrations.

Tlc_wtrver, ¢)hscrw_tic)ns ¢)1'the m;_cr_)sC_)l)ictrend in vessel wall rcspc_nsc t_ such he_tul_ tends tt_ indicate that a much simpler, analytic mt_del c_l"structural c_pacity may he p_ssiblc. This simpler mt>dcl wc>uld then allt_w simultancc_us evaluatitm c_l"glc_l_al t'_=ilurcwith the lut_e penctr;=ti_n I';lilurc mechanisms discussed prcvit_usly. Tying the evalu;_tic_n c_l"these l'ailurc mechanisms t_gcthcr in simple _lnalytic s_lutit_ns _lfcrs an cvalu_ti¢_n ¢_1" the failure sequence and the tlevclc_pment t_t"e==silyur_tlcrstt_d tailur¢ maps.

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