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Leonardo's misplaced Robots reinterprets Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical layout paintings, revealing a brand new point of class now not famous by way of artwork historians or engineers. by way of determining his significant technological initiatives, the publication reinterprets Leonardo's legacy of notes, exhibiting that it appears unconnected fragments from dispersed manuscripts really contain cohesive designs for functioning automata. utilizing the tough sketches scattered all through just about all of Leonardo's notebooks, the writer has reconstructed Leonardo's programmable cart, which used to be the platform for different automata: a robotic Lion, a robotic Knight, and a hydraulically powered automaton for outstanding a bell. via a readable, vigorous narrative, Mark Rosheim explains how he reconstructed da Vinci's designs. In a foreword the world-renowned Leonardo student Carlo Pedretti translates the importance of those reconstructions for our realizing of Leonardo's oeuvre.

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35 36 Chapter II · Leonardo’s Programmable Automaton and Lion Fig. 12. Japanese tea carrier 1642. The missing section of the first manuscript, unknown to us today, could itself have disseminated Leonardo’s ideas. Autonomous robot designs do appear in Spain at this time in the work of Juanelo Torriano. Such designs became increasingly common in the eighteenth century, with the development of water-powered grottos and spring-driven dining table servers. The design for the Tea-Carrier closely resembles that of the “Monk” (c.

10 Numerous gear studies, ranging from low-cost sheet metal gears to elaborate helical and involute gear forms, appear on these pages. Theoretical studies of gear geometry are also present. Cams in a myriad of forms are shown, beginning on Madrid MS I, f. 1 v and 24 r (Figs. 10, pp. 33 and 34) Leonardo engages the curved surfaces on the inside and outside, and mixes gears with cams to produce hybrids. One would expect that such detailed studies would appear with other drawings showing the practical demonstrations of their use in sophisticated automata.

I base these dimensions on several measurements taken from the Codex Atlanticus drawings, which I believe are full-size preliminary fabrication drawings,16 not scaled drawings. In other words, in Leonardo’s time, standardized measurements small enough for mechanisms did not exist. Producing full-sized drawings provided a simple, accurate and direct guide for the craftsman who would build the mechanism. The craftsman would transfer the design directly form the drawings to the workpiece. If we assume that the dimensions of the automaton are full-size, we discover that they provide a perfect stage on which to mount a figure such as a life-sized lion seated in an upright posture, but would seem small for a lion walking on all fours, as would have been necessary for the revelation of the flowers at Francis I’s entry into Lyons in 1515.

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