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One of the best army commanders in heritage, Julius Caesar's most renowned crusade - the conquest of Gaul - used to be to him little greater than a stepping stone to strength. An audacious and decisive common, his victories over the Gauls allowed him to problem for the political management of Rome. prime a unmarried legion around the Rubicon in forty nine BC, Caesar introduced a civil struggle that might sign the tip of the Roman Republic and bring in the Roman Empire less than his followed son, Octavian. This examine seems to be on the components in the back of Caesar's various battlefield successes, significantly the recognized Caesariana celeritas - Caesar's velocity of although and motion.

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Qxd:1 11/3/10 Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini (ancient Ariminum), commissioned by Augustus (AD 14) but completed by his successor Tiberius (AD 21). Popular belief, at least in Rimini, has it that the forum of the colony of Ariminum (founded 268 BC), today’s Piazza Tre Martiri, was the scene of Caesar’s famous utterance alea jacta est. Anyway, this was the first town in Italy proper and its occupation by Caesar’s legio XIII marked the opening of civil war. (Fototeca ENIT). 10:46 Page 36 good rations and adequate billeting are of supreme importance in the exercise of command.

In his commentarii, it is the centurion more than any other grade of officer who receives attention and praise, both collectively and as named individuals. 2). These men are depicted as heroic figures, men who inspire the soldiers under their command through their conspicuous courage. During the Gallic campaigns Caesar’s army more than doubled in size, creating many opportunities for promotion to higher grades of the centurionate. Thus on several occasions he notes that he promoted gallant centurions from lower grades in veteran legions to higher positions in newly raised units.

Members of the Roman aristocracy were constantly competing among themselves for military glory and the economic rewards that accompanied it. As the stakes got higher in the late Republic, so the competition became more intense and more destructive to the political order. Pompey’s career was Colossal marble statue of Pompey (Milan, Villa Arconati a Castellazzo di Bollate) originally from Rome. The plinth bears the inscription CN(aeus) POMPEIVS M(agnus) IMP(erator). As for other full-length statues of Pompey, tradition has it this was the very statue that at the feet of which Caesar was assassinated.

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