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The various articles during this factor contain: Iranian Kinship and Marriage through B. Spooner; Inscriptions of the Karraquan Mausoleums via Stern; Mahmud of Ghaza in modern Eyes through Bosworth; Blind Poets of Shiraz by way of Morrison; Pigeon Towers of Isfahan by means of Beazley; etc.;

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Very briefly the proportion of Plain to Painted Common Wares increases the later one gets into the sequence. D. thesis submitted to the University of London in June 1966, p. 175 f. 2: 9 in particular is apparently from Level 2, but is so atypical that one wonders if it was not misplaced in the sherd grid. For a complete inventory of the pottery in these two deposits, see the catalogue for Fig. Io. SFig. 6 EXCAVATIONS AT BABA JAN: POTTERY AND METAL FROM LEVELS III AND II 33 Heavy CommonWare and Storage Vessels7 Only two virtually complete pithoi were found during the excavations (Fig.

52 As Table I shows, the bone sample of the 1973 and 1974 excavation seasons was rich in species. The sample contained nine domestic (eight mammal and one bird) and twenty wild (fifteen mammal, four bird and one reptile) species, thus adding seven wild mammal species (wild sheep, wild cat, weasel, brown bear, wolf, small fox and bat) to the fauna list of the site based on the sample of the 1970 season. The identification of the bird remains, which is being carried out by Dr. D. ) sandgrouse, black vulture and griffon vulture) to the fauna list of the 1970 season and has increased the total number of species that are known from the site to thirty-seven (eight domestic mammal, one domestic bird, sixteen wild mammal, eleven wild bird and one reptile).

19. Colour: core brown (5YR 5/3); surface inside pink (5YR 7/4); surface outside unevenly blackened. Grits: relatively compact paste; shale platelettes (o. I-o*3 cm. in length); quartz particles; few small mica flakes. Surface finish: rubbed by smooth firm edge to produce an uneven surface: dull sheen. 5YR 6/6) towards the surface; surface red. Grits: 20. compact paste; shale platelettes (o. I-o0 3 cm. in length) ; quartz grains. Surface finish inside: horizontal regular soft striations. Surface finish outside: worn away.

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