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India Condensed is a booklet for an individual who wishes a short creation to India. background, philosophy, faith, language, literature, arts and tradition are all mentioned during this full of life and available textual content. greater than a dry recitation of dates, names and occasions, the themes lined variety from tales and legends to present evidence and observations. millions of years of background, tradition and civilization are distilled into one convenient publication for simple reference.

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Skandagupta spent the last 12 years of his reign warding off attacks from the tribe, which considerably weakened the empire. In 510, the Huns, led by Mihirakula, conquered Punjab, Gujarat and Malwa, leaving the Guptas to rule over Bengal. The last of the Gupta kings, Vishnugupta, who reigned over a vastly diminished kingdom, died in 550. With the demise of the Gupta Empire, northern India was split into independent kingdoms once again, signifying an end to the political unity the region had enjoyed.

The two countries were bitter rivals and entered local power struggles, particularly in the southern kingdoms where they helped install rulers friendly to their interests. Their rivalry in India was a prelude to the worldwide Seven Years War (1756–1763) that the two European powers were involved in. Ultimately the British, led by Lieutenant Colonel Robert Clive, were victorious in India. However, they returned Pondicherry to the French, and it remained a district of France until 1954 when the Indian government took over its administration.

GREEK AND CENTRAL ASIAN INVADERS Indo-Greek Kingdom (175 BC – 10 BC) Beginning around 180 BC, the northern part of the Indian subcontinent was invaded by a series of foreign armies from Central Asia. The Indo-Greeks were the first to come, led by Greco-Bactrian leader Demetrius, who established the Indo-Greek Kingdom in the region in 175 BC. Demetrius created a state which seceded from the powerful Greco-Bactrian Kingdom in Bactria (today’s northern Afghanistan). One of his successors was Menander who, along with Demetrius, is credited with extending the power and influence of the Indo-Greek Kingdom.

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