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For a very long time, traditional reliability analyses were orientated in the direction of settling on the extra trustworthy approach and preoccupied with maximising the reliability of engineering structures. at the foundation of counterexamples even if, we reveal that identifying the extra trustworthy method doesn't inevitably suggest determining the method with the smaller losses from disasters!

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This quantity is a set of articles awarded on the Workshop for Nonlinear research held in João Pessoa, Brazil, in September 2012. The effect of Bernhard Ruf, to whom this quantity is devoted at the party of his sixtieth birthday, is perceptible through the assortment by way of the alternative of subject matters and methods.

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Such a design is suitable for overlay with high dynamic nodes. Experiments showed that, compared with a tree-based overlay, DONet can achieve much more continuous streaming with comparable delay. 3 Technical Challenges and Opportunities Though some successes have been made in recent years, especially with the introducing of mesh-based approaches, there are still challenging problems and open issues need to be overcome in P2P live media streaming. The main problem results from the heterogeneity of the underlying IP networks.

Besides traditional data services, various new multimedia contents would also be delivered over the same IP network, among which the live media streaming service will play a more important role. The typical applications of live media streaming include Internet television, distance education, sports events broadcasting, online games, and etc. Recently, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) has emerged as a promising technique for deploying large-scale live media streaming systems over the Internet, which represents the paradigm shift from conventional networking applications.

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Improving Design, Analysis of Supercond Magnets for Particle Accels [thesis] by R. Gupta

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