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By Iqtidar Alam Khan

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For the aim of the historic Dictionary of Medieval India, the interval from one thousand A.D. to 1526 A.D. may be thought of India's medieval occasions. The turbulent historical past of this era is informed in the course of the book's chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and 1000s of cross-referenced dictionary entries on key humans, historic geography, arts, associations, occasions, and different very important phrases.

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Ziya’ Barani. Tarikh-i Firuz Shahi. 216–17. 4. ‘Ain al-Din ‘Abdu-llah bin Mahru. Insha-i Mahru. Ed. and tr. S. A. Rashid, Lahore: 1965, 17. 5. Muhammad Habib. Politics and Society during the Early Medieval Period. Ed. K. A. Nizami, Vol. 1, New Delhi: 1974, 368. 6. Sharfuddin ‘Ali Yazdi. Zafarnama, Vol. 2, Calcutta: Asiatic Society of Bengal, 1888, 74, 123, 138, 144. 7. Rushbrook Williams. An Empire Builder of the Sixteenth Century. Delhi: S. , 18. qxd 4/1/08 1:32 PM Page 11 THE DICTIONARY –A– ‘ABD AL-HAMID GHAZNAVI.

Qxd 4/1/08 3:11 PM Page 18 18 • ‘AINU I-MULK MAHRU Iltutmish (commandant of Baran [modern Bulandshahr]). Aibak also succeeded in securing the allegiance of Ali bin Mardan, who had seized power in Bengal. On the whole, Qutb al-Din Aibak was successful in keeping the defeated Hindu chiefs in India under control and also asserting his independence of the Mu‘izz al-Din’s successor at Ghazni. He died at Lahore in 1210 from an accident while playing chaugan, or polo. –1362). Originally known as ‘Abdullah Muhammad Sharif, son of Amir Mahru, he was serving as a military officer under Muhammad bin Tughlaq; at the time of the latter’s death, he was stationed at Multan (1351).

A senior slave of Mu‘izz al-Din Muhammad Ghauri who was appointed as the commandant of Thangir in 1196 with the instruction to reduce Gwalior. He founded Sultankot, which became the nucleus of the township of Bayana. At some point following Muizz al-Din’s murder in 1206, Toghril briefly styled himself a sultan at Bayana. His son-in-law, Arsalan Khan, was later assigned Bayana as iqta‘ on the grounds of his relationship with Toghril. BAHA AL-DIN ZAKARYA (1183–1262). He was born in a small town near Multan in 1182–1183.

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