Haptic Feedback Teleoperation of Optical Tweezers by Zhenjiang Ni, Céline Pacoret, Ryad Benosman, Stéphane PDF

By Zhenjiang Ni, Céline Pacoret, Ryad Benosman, Stéphane Régnier

ISBN-10: 1848216955

ISBN-13: 9781848216952

The authors of this booklet give you the first assessment of haptic optical tweezers, a brand new strategy which brings jointly strength suggestions teleoperation and optical tweezers.

This strategy permits clients to discover the microworld through sensing and exerting piconewton-scale forces with trapped microspheres. The layout of optical tweezers for top of the range haptic suggestions is not easy, given the necessities for terribly excessive sensitivity and dynamic balance. the idea that, layout technique and specification of optical tweezers reviewed all through this publication specialise in these meant for haptic teleoperation.  The authors supply new particular designs in addition to the present cutting-edge. in addition, the remainder vital matters are pointed out for extra developments.  Haptic optical tweezers will quickly develop into a useful instrument for strength suggestions micromanipulation of organic samples and nano- and micro-assembly parts.

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Haptic Feedback Teleoperation of Optical Tweezers by Zhenjiang Ni, Céline Pacoret, Ryad Benosman, Stéphane Régnier

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