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The proof is very tedious: there are 230 cases to consider, in fact more, because many logically arising cases turn out to be geometrically impossible, and it lies, as we mentioned above, outside the scope of this book. 5 and postpone their curiosity to the next chapter, where 4 examples of actual crystals will appear in the guise of Coxeter geometries. shtml or to google the words “crystallographic group”. 53 ?? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?? ?? ? ? ?????? ?

But the fact that R2 can be filled irregularly by nonconvex 9-gons is not obvious. 3. The figure indicates how to fill the plane by copies of two tiles (their enlarged copies are shown separately; they are actually mirror images of each other) by fitting them together to form two spiraling curved strips covering the whole plane. Somewhat later, in the 1960ies, interest in irregular tilings was revived by the nonperiodic tilings due to the British mathematical physicist Roger Penrose, which are related to statistical models and the study of quasi-crystals.

He regarded this “discovery” as his main scientific achievement, far more important than the three fundamental astronomical laws that bear his name. Fortunately for his self-esteem, he did not live to see the day when more exact measurements of the distances between the Sun and the planets showed that Kepler’s theory was erroneous. The five regular polyhedra were known to the ancient Greeks, in particular to the philosopher Plato, who expressed his admiration for their unique perfection so beautifully that today they are often called “Platonic bodies”.

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