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By Yu Huang, Zili Dai, Weijie Zhang

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ISBN-13: 9783662442104

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Through software of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) strategy, this monograph frequently specializes in huge deformations and stream failure simulations of geomaterials and move habit, that are consistently eager about geo-disasters. The paintings covers the theoretical history, numerical recommendations, code implementation matters, and lots of novel and fascinating purposes. Two-dimensional and third-dimensional SPH versions within the framework of either hydrodynamics and strong mechanics are demonstrated, with specific descriptions. The monograph additionally includes many beautiful and sensible examples of geo-disaster modeling and research, together with the fluidized move of flow-like landslides, lateral unfold of liquefied soils, and stream slides in landfills. within the documented SPH simulations, the propagation of geo-disasters is successfully reproduced. Dynamic behaviors of geomaterials in the course of propagation are ascertained, together with sliding direction, move pace, greatest distance reached, and distribution of deposits. during this manner, the monograph offers a way for mapping harmful parts, estimating chance depth, and picking out and designing applicable protecting measures.

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4 Seepage Large-scale deformation and hydraulic collapse of the ground induced by water flow through the ground are significant in the destabilization of dam foundations during floods, liquefaction, and other catastrophic events. To analyze these phenomena, Japanese researchers introduced SPH as a way to combine both discrete and continuum techniques for an analysis of ground failure linked with seepage (Maeda and Sakai 2004). A soil-water-air-coupled SPH model was proposed to model progressive seepage failure in soil.

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