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By Jill Guyonnet

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Using the nano metric solution of atomic strength microscopy concepts, this paintings explores the wealthy primary physics and novel functionalities of area partitions in ferroelectric fabrics, the nano scale interfaces keeping apart areas of otherwise orientated spontaneous polarization. as a result neighborhood symmetry-breaking as a result of the swap in polarization, area partitions are chanced on to own an unforeseen lateral piezoelectric reaction, even if this is often symmetry-forbidden within the mother or father fabric. This has attention-grabbing power purposes in electromechanical units according to ferroelectric area patterning. in addition, electric conduction is proven to come up at area partitions in differently insulating lead zirconate titanate, the 1st such remark open air of multiferroic bismuth ferrite, because of the tendency of the partitions to localize defects. The function of defects is then explored within the theoretical framework of disordered elastic interfaces owning a attribute roughness scaling and complicated dynamic reaction. it really is proven that the heterogeneous ailment panorama in ferroelectric skinny motion pictures ends up in a breakdown of the standard self-affine roughness, potentially regarding robust pinning at person defects. eventually, the jobs of various environmental stipulations and disorder densities in area switching are explored and proven to be correctly modelled as a contest among screening results and pinning.

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Rev. Lett. 99, 167601 (2007) 31. J. Privratska, V. Janovec, Spontaneous polarization and or magnetization in non-ferroelastic domain walls: symmetry predictions. Ferroelectrics 222, 23 (1999) Chapter 3 Experimental Setup In the recent years, significant progress was achieved in miniaturized oxide-based electronic devices following the increasing understanding of material properties at the nanometer scale. From the experimental point of view, a range of powerful techniques was derived from scanning probe microscopy (SPM), where a very sharp needle-like probe tip is brought into contact with the surface of the sample.

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For this reason, if the depolarizing fiel is not screened, ferroelectricity disappears below a critical film thickness initially thought to be relatively large (of the order of 100 nm) [14], although later experiments demonstrated that the ferroelectric state could be maintained in ultrathin films down to a few monolayer [15–17]. In the simplest cases, a reduction of the depolarizing field can arise with the presence of screening charges at the sample surface, such as chemical adsorbates (most often water molecules) from the surrouding environement.

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